Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy People

Such a fun time with these craziest people in Gani Charkoteow, Tanah Merah!
Thanks all.
I had so much fun within this semester break.
Even tomorrow gotta b back fer a sucks meeting in UTP. Next day, wish i can come back. So sad. T__T

Demn.! Such a busy Woman. Handling projects here n there. Hahaha Next meeting on 11th. Long gap. *sigh* hope theres no meetings at all !!

But, after all, today is a fun day.
Making new friends, with these yougsters. (thankss MYSPACE!)

&& oh ya! a friend of mine from Mirc. haha. Pokjatt! Hes the one and only Girlfriend that night.haha. Long-time-no-see with him.

Words of the day : "UTP SUCKS!" Got it?!

Sadly said, I missed the momment with all my sayangss sayangss here.
And ofcourse! all my sayangggs sayanggs there.

Thanks God, Iv met ALL my sayang people.
Including him.! *wink*wink*

the one and only gadis ^_^

spotted!! by him. *wink*

Crazy people

**awat post tuleh oqangputeh tetiba neh?