Friday, April 2, 2010


Children Provision 2010.

Charity Night
But not so called charity because i got 4 tickets for free..
  • Magic Show.
  • Dance from Oku kids.
  • Heart-to-heart Session realli touch my hard heart deep inside slowly by broke into tears a little bit.

Vic Malaysian Idol.
Daniel Lee.
and graceful-LiyanaFizi..
shes adorable <3>
and the song goes :
Take it Slow.(remember the lyrics?) hehe.

Meaningful night though.

*thanks to Stylist Adeera and
Abang roomet tersayangs,Kecik. hehe.

i got a message :

" niway, u cantik malam ni "

tapi dalam hati aku

" ye laaa, compare to my jersey+LooseyBiggieJeanss+Boxer+Selepangtudungs haritu "