Monday, March 26, 2012

Free-some Weekend

Long time no hear from me.hihi

So let me story u a story of an awesomeness weekend!

It started with an awful Wednesday. Where everyone being trolololololol with our Proposal Defense schedule. I swear that I’ll become a dead meat for the first schedule of Proposal Defense that is a very super little mini cutie Shorty notice! On Monday 12 I knew that my Proposal Defense is on Wednesday 14, where I haven’t do ANYTHING regarding my slides. Nothing! Not even choosing a background for my presentation slides. That night, I’ve became a ninja. Not to sleep, but do Proposal Defense slides. Until mornin’. U go crazy girl. It such a nightmare! And the next day, u heard a rumors saying they reschedule the Proposal Defense Schedule. We were like “IYEAYYYYYYYY!” hopefully mine was next week. And Yes, Alhamdullilah mine was postpone to next Wednesday 21st.

The creepy Wednesday just went off. I am the first presenter. I just did it with my real characteristic. Not try to copying one’s style or what. My nervousness is not killing me. I feel relax. Calm. I thought Allah help me. And also my mother’s prayer is always with me. Just the day before, got a text from my Mama; “Mama berdoa siang malam sampai menangis-nangis tengah malam, mintak Allah ampunkan dosa Nadia dekat Mama dengan dosa Nadia dekat Allah. Mintak doa dipermudahkan semua urusan pengajian Nadia.” What will u react if your Mom did like this to you? Yes, your Mom did this kind of prayer to you. To all of us of course, but she will never let you know. I was crying to read this message. How thankful I am to Allah to have such a lovely lady in my life. Alhamdullilah. Nadia minta maaf kalau “buah dari pengajian Nadia ni, tak berhasil dengan subur”. Namun, biar tidak subur, Nadia tetap akan berusaha untuk membela nasib keluarga kita, Ma..

I hope that my supervisor will gave three of us a good result in FYP I and also FYP II. Aminn..

Enough of my FYP thingy. Here it come the video assignment. This one, we ourselves try to hung up to the death rope. The assignment that have been given season ago. But we professionally decided to do it just in one night! We manage to complete our first video assignment until 5:30 in the morning. As the morning is too young, we waited the sun shine properly, then we go submit it fresh! HAHA . So after experiencing a week full of torturing, I would like to reward myself an awesome weekend! It started with a free trip to KL by bus provided by UTP. Woke up at 1130 am, taking bath, packed my bag. Shoot to KL for the musical theater in Dewan Rampaisari, KLCC. “Inikah Kehidupan?” is a theater that is based on 60’s era where people survive by working in Club. I love all songs they played that night.

Free Pass masuk theater.

Then, done with the theater, me and my roomate running like crazy to catch the SNSD Girls Generation performance outside the KLCC. The crowd is heavy until they fight for oxygen. Haha JK! JK! They run off the fence. Security was screaming all over. People push here and there. Caci Maki is everywhere that night. Why? Because everyone is trying harder to go to the front. But the die hard fans is totally a man. That is logically higher than us, the cutie little girl. :p nayyyyyyy isokey. Im not a die hard fan for SNSD. Im just the poser of SNSD. I can clearly saw them by watching on the screen compared to them,they were struggling to go to the front but end up of see nothing. HAHAHA I went back early. While my friends still dancing like crazy with the hot Nicole Swacefsdfwewda. Kinda frust bout that. Not because of cant see Nicole in real. But to dance like crazy with my super crazy girlfriends. Having such a wonderful moment with my roomate reminiscence of the New Year celebration in The Curve back to 2011 ago. We were partying till late night and dancing with the crowd with the loud boom boom music crossed our ears. And the memory of “tempat jatuh lagi dikenang” HAHAHA we were kinda attracted to free concert. That’s why we keep on laughing to ourselves.

Ni pass masuk ke Premium Zone Pian punya.

The next day, after having lunch we the girls. They ask me to drive in KL. Ok, but til I got one text from my homie boy asking to go back watching football in Stadium Darul Aman (SDA) tonight? Then plan changed, we go by monorail. From Sungei Wang to Setiawangsa. Then he ask me to walk under the sun to his car. I am a boy for them. But then, this boy come to pick me up with his brand new car. I got supprised! It’s a Neo mannnn! He told me before of getting a Neo. Now he got it! I drove his Neo until UTP, because his little head is sleepy. Then we arrived SDA, getting little nervous to see my Baddrol in front of my eyes for the first time! Even Kedah seri that night. I am way too happy because Baddrol is so near with me. Hihi. Thanks homie boy! Having dinner at our favourite Nasik Kandaq Royale. There is no words to describe the kepuasan. Then, he sent my ass back home.

Ni tiket bola cemey.

and ya, i got this from abang gigi kapak besaq penyepak. haha thanks pak!

And now, Im back in UTP.

Summary :

  1. Free trip to KL
  2. Free PPAG theater
  3. Free SNSD concert
  4. Free Astaka Utama Complimentary Kedah Vs T-Team

I will try my best to save for our Pulau Perhentian trip babes!

And Kuching.

And Krabi.